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NO CONTEST! English is the universal language of our world – the language that connects speakers of all languages.

Because of its language dominance in the world, English is also the premier language spoken in international business circles. Otherwise known as the “language of opportunity”:

  • boost career prospects

  • open up opportunities

  • enable success in business

Business English is a serious must for every professional who aims to advance his or her career. While there are multiple benefits to studying English, here is an overview of seven of the most important ones relevant to the world of business and commerce:

#1 - Universally Spoken

English is the first language of more than 375 million people in the world and is officially spoken in 54 countries that are located in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australasia, including countries as varied as Malta, India, Belize, South Africa, Singapore and New Zealand. English is universally regarded as the language of choice for connecting with people from other cultures.

#2 - Language of Business Communication

Working in business, you’ll be expected to conduct business negotiations and transactions in English, as well as write and respond to memos, emails, contracts, reports and agreements in English.

#3 - Better Employment Prospects

People who are fluent speakers of English are highly sought after by many employers, particularly of the multinational sort. When looking for work, your mastery in speaking and understanding English can give you a tremendous advantage over other candidates.

#4 - Opportunities for Business Travel

With the world becoming increasingly more globalized, opportunities to travel for business have become more commonplace and, as a result of having learnt English, a businessman or woman from one country can communicate with a businessman from another country, within yet a different country

#5 - Academic Work is Written in English

Academics and scholars largely share their ideas and findings with their global peers in English and communicate their project results to members of the media and business community in English. Speaking the language will serve you well when you want to tap into the world of academia for your own personal or professional purposes.

#6 - Language of Technology

Businesses that thrive on technological breakthroughs, research and applications communicate well with their technological peers since the common denominator language in the field is English.

#7 - Language of Top World Schools & Universities

The TOP business schools in the world offer their entire curricula in the English language, which further cements its dominance as the language of choice for professional business people everywhere.

When you master English, you get to advance by leaps and bounds in your personal and professional lives and a world of opportunity opens up for you. The globalized world has chosen English as the premier language of communication, particularly in business.

Embrace it today! If you are looking to have a brighter future in the world of business, English is a Must!

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